Vikki St Leger is an award winning Vocal Coach to the winner of The Voice, 2019. She is a Composer, Producer, Songwriter and a Multi Instrumentalist. She dedicates herself to the craft of artist development and has enabled hundreds of Vocalists and Musicians to reach professional status.

Vikki has over 30 years experience in the music industry and is a highly sought after expert in her field. She has enabled numerous students toward major recording contracts. Vikki has worked for some very influential Music Managers, i.e. Simon Fuller, creator of the American Idol/Pop Idol franchise and manager to Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood and Amy Winehouse to name a few ! She has also worked for David King, who has 25 theatre companies performing worldwide and is the creator of Spirit Of The Dance, Jersey Boys and many more. David’s company has been referred to as one of the biggest theatrical organisations in the world ! Vikki has also worked privately for Simon Cowell.



Vikki prides herself on creating exciting recording and film projects and uses her team of Producers, Sound Engineers and Videographers to create and produce affordable music videos of the highest standard from the initial idea through to the finished product.


As an eclectic songwriter, Vikki draws on a diverse range of influences. She has been writing songs for 20 years and is uniquely able to tap into her diverse array of extensive life experiences allowing her an innate ability to write in a powerful and emotive style. She captures the essence of life’s turmoils and celebrations in her songs which are extremely relevant and relatable both musically and lyrically.

Creating great melodies and hooks is one of Vikki’s strengths and passions. She is able to write to any requested style or critique and offers a bespoke songwriting service. Her eclectic mix of styles includes all modern music genres.



Vikki is a highly regarded and sought after Vocal Coach who has enabled hundreds of students to become professional musicians. Her unique style of teaching combined with her knowledge of music and ‘The Voice’ allows her to deliver a quality service second to none.

As a Cognitive Behavioural, Psychodynamic and Humanistic Counsellor, Vikki incorporates over 20 years of training and skills to assist her students in developing their self belief, self esteem and self worth. She is very passionate about helping students address their fears and insecurities around singing and performing. These core beliefs are what is more commonly known as ‘confidence’ and go hand in hand with ‘The Voice’ and ‘The Self’. Vikki feels very strongly that these positive beliefs are very necessary components which the developing student or artist needs to possess to become a performer of the highest standard. Vikki’s unique approach makes her an expert in this field and is evident in the hundreds of professional singers she has created to date.


Of the students who show outstanding talents and potential Vikki takes them through her Artist Development route and advises on all aspects of running a Music Business and The Music Industry from Songwriting through to Social Media, building a fan base and further into Music Production, Filming and producing EPK’s.



Vikki is a behaviour specialist, much of her time is spent working with young people on the Autism Spectrum, Special Educational Needs and with individuals with Mental Health problems. Using music as a medium Vikki has enabled hundreds of students toward self growth and achievement. Vikki uses improvisation and other techniques she has developed over the years to help her Autistic students write their songs. Some of these students are amazing songwriters and are currently writing and producing EP’s.


One student in particular, Kyle Coleman who is a Non Verbal Autistic man who can’t speak but sings beautifully, is well known across the globe for not only creating two albums but for also having 5 Facebook videos go viral. One video (which was recorded in The St Leger Live Lounge) in particular which was a duet between Kyle and 15 year old Lottee Brown (who has many disabilities herself and was bullied so badly at school her parents had to remove her ) reached over 1 million views in a few days and the story was reported in 3 national newspapers in England and scores more in Europe, Australia and America. This was the second time one of Kyle’s videos had hit the national papers. Millions of people were incredibly touched by these two young people and their outstanding talent.

Vikki is immensely proud of all of her students and their accomplishments. She is a firm believer that anything is possible and uses her years of knowledge and skills with a sprinkling of magic to extract the immense talent that she believes everyone holds within.




The St Leger Live Lounge is the place where all the magic happens. It is a learning and performance space equipped with high quality technology and equipment to enable students to monitor their progress and shine to the world. Over the many years that it has been established it’s activities and achievements have been featured in local, national and international media, press, radio and TV. Numerous articles have highlighted and praised the many achievements of award winning Vikki St Leger, mentor, tutor and director of The St Leger Live Lounge and The Academy of Modern Music Cornwall.